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To Significant Figures

Use our Sig Fig Calculator to round numbers in order to obtain significant figures. This step is helpful to calculate a division or subtraction of sig fig.

Sig Fig Calculator: Rounded Numbers

The first step to calculate sig fig is to round numbers to a specific significant figures. So, the question is to understand how many significant figures your number gets. That’s why we allow you to reduce or increase sig fig thanks to our calculator. How to use our Sig Fig Calculator:

  1. Enter the number
  2. Enter the expected significant figures
  3. Get your number result according to significant figures setting

How to recognize Significant Figures?

  • All figures between 1 & 9
  • All zero including in number between 1 & 9 (Ex: 3009)
  • All trailing zero positioned after a decimal (Ex: 3119,265000)

What’s not Significant figures?

  • Leading zeros with decimal or not (075 or 0.0075)
  • Trailing zero if there isn’t decimal (53400)

To make a calcul with significant figures, ude now our sig fig calculator for additon, subtraction, division and multiplication