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Carry out your VAT calculator to easily switch from VAT Free to Gross Amount and vice versa regardless of the percentage. The indispensable tool for professionals.

The Reversed VAT Calculator Formula

As a professional, you must juggle with the amounts in VAT and Gross. That is why we have developed an indispensable tool for your daily tasks. For import / export specialists in the world, intra-Communities VAT are sometimes a real headache. Juggle with the different percentages to 5.5%, 20%, 19.6% and many others, here is a simple formula (example with a 20% VAT):

  • Switch from VAT Free to Gross Amount, make the amount x 1,2
  • Switch from Gross Amount to VAT Free, make the amount / 1,2

NB: 5.5% = 1.055 | 19.6% = 1.196