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Calculate the Perimeter of a Triangle

Get the Perimeter of a triangle thanks to the measurement of its three sides. Use our triangle perimeter calculator to get the result in few seconds!

Method and Formula to get the Perimeter of a Triangle

Using the example of our triangle shown above, with its 3 sides identified A, B and C. The calculation of the perimeter is done by adding the measure of each of these three sides. Thus, the formula of calculation taking into account the representation above is:

Perimeter of the triangle (P) = A + B + C

Thus, by entering the data into our calculator, you will get the expected result directly.

More Information About the Triangle

A triangle is a geometric figure made of three sides. Its peculiarity of having the sum of its angles equal to 180 °. If a triangle has 2 equal sides (of the same length), it is said to be isosceles. If one of its angles measures 90 °, it is a right triangle. Finally, if its three sides are equal, each of its angles will be 60 ° and it will be said that it is an equilateral triangle. Of course, if the triangle does not have any of these particular signs, it is an arbitrary triangle.