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Calculate the Perimeter of a Rectangle

Discover our newest tool to calculate the perimeter of a rectangle. You have the length and the width? Enter them in our calculator and get the perimeter of your rectangle.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle?

The perimeter is neither more nor less than the contour of a geometric form. Thus, we speak of perimeter for the lines that delimit a rectangle. Thus, by calculating the perimeter of a rectangle, you are interested in the total “length” of this rectangle. This calculation is very common during geometry courses in schools. But it is also useful when you do work at home. For example, when you want to put skirting boards on the outline of a room in your house, perimeter calculation will allow you to control the right amount of baseboards.

The Formula to Calculate the Perimeter of a Rectangle

To calculate the perimeter of your rectangle with our tool, you must have the length (denoted by A) and the width (denoted B). Thus the calculation formula is (A + B) x 2.

Let us take the example with a rectangle of length = 12 cm and width = 5 cm:

  • Perimeter = (12 + 5) x 2
  • Perimeter = 17 x 2
  • Perimeter = 34

To go even faster, you can use our calculator by simply entering the data length and width of the rectangle, you will get the result directly!

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