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Manage your exponents calculation online with our negative and positive exponent calculator. Discover also our formula for excel.

Our Exponents Calculator Tool

You want to know the result of a number or a number with its exponent, here is the method to easily use our calculator online:

  • In the first box, enter the number to which you want to apply the exponent.
  • Note your exponent in the second box (located to the right of the power symbol “^”).
  • Get your result in the last box.

NB: To calculate a negative exponent, simply place a “-” before the number of your exponent. If you want to find an exponents based on the value and the result, try our salve exponents calculator.

Positive and Negative Exponents, steps explanation on Excel

To raise a number to a power on Excel, 2 solutions are available to you. The first is to use the power formula. The second is to use the power operator. For negative powers, simply position a “-” in front of the exponent. Here is an example for each situation with the will to calculate 10 squared:

  • With the power formula: Enter = POWER (10; 2) in your cell
  • Using the exponent operator: Type = 10 ^ 2 in your cell
  • Get the result: 100

On Excel, you can easily put decimal or negative exponents.