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Tire Size and Conversion Calculator

/ R
/ R
Current New Difference
Sidewall Height '' mm '' mm '' mm
Section Width '' mm '' mm '' mm
Tire Height '' mm '' mm '' mm
Tire Circum '' mm '' mm '' mm
per mile per km per mile per km per mile per km

Tire Size Visualizer


Current Tire ± mm ± in
New Tire  mm  in

How to check the tire compatibility for your car? Nothing is more easy thanks to our Tire Size Calculator and the conversion tool. Compare actual and alternate size dimensions to ensure your choice.

What are Tire Size Calculator and Conversion Tools Benefits?

First, you have to know that auto brands choose tire according to the wheels, shock absorber, frame and many things that have an impact on the car.

That’s why you have two options:

First you can buy tires of the original tire size.

The other option is to find the right alternative size.

To make it easier, we developed a tire size calculator using your actual tire dimensions. For the best fitting, check the tire format from our board! Because the tire could mount on your wheels but not on your car (only for sport cars). Indeed, if tire tracks are too narrow, tires could touch the bodywork.

How to Use the Tire Size Calculator to Compare Actual and New?

  1. Enter your current tire size
  2. Enter your new tire size
  3. Choose your favourite format (Imperial or Metric units)
  4. Obtain all dimensions from current and new tire
  5. Check the size with the size visualizer
  6. Check the tolerance and compare
  7. If the tire is fitting, a green message will appear

How to Read our Tire Size Spreadsheet?

Our tire board is made of 3 columns where you can find current tire size, new tire size and the difference between actual and new tire. Lines contains sidewall height, section width, tire height, tire circumference and revolution per km. In the last column, you can check the size comparison with precise measures.

Tire Size Chart from Makers

All tires manufacturers provide tire size charts in order to help you to find compatible size. You can find below an example of the GoodYear size chart of 16 inch tires.

Tire size Chart

If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact your car dealer or check your car manufacturer website for more safety. Some brands have tire size recommendations, follow them in order to drive safe.