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USD to BTC Converter by Calculator Market

Discover our all new Cryptocurrencies Converter for Bitcoin! This tool allows you to calculate your dollars investment into bitcoins value! Currently, One Bitcoin is close to $6.000! Learn now the real value of your dollars!

What’s Cryptocurrencies? Why Bitcoin beats others Virtual Money?

Cryptocurrencies are alternative currencies made to secure and crypt transactions. Each one has its own value set by the market.  The Bitcoin was the first decentralized virtual currencie created! It was in 2009. At the beginning, Bitcoins value was only some cents (2010 july 26: 1 btc = $0.06), if you bought it at this date, for $1 and you’ll sell it now, youwould have done one of the best investment of your life! Here is an exemple of altcoins prices on 2017 October:

  • Ethereum : $284.06
  • Riple: $0.194703
  • Bitcoin Cash: $318.68
  • Litecoin: $54.38
  • Dash: $267.47

Today, there are 1189 cryptocurrencies available on more than 5900 markets! Open your eyes for the best investment. Bitcoin was developped by Satoshi Nakamoto, number of Bitcoins is limited! Only 21 millions BTC will be delivered. But each Bitcoin could be divided in smaller parts.

How to use our BTC converter?

You’re looking to convert your dollars in Bitcoins? Just enter your amount to invest in 2017 and obtain your bitcoin value. Keep in mind that transfert fees could be deducted. That’s why you have to be careful of your broker!

Are you ready? Enjoy our USD to BTC Converter!