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BAH Calculator allows to calculate compensation amount for military according to living area. Use it to know rates for USMC, USCG but also GI.

How BAH Calculator Works?

The Basic Allowance fo Housing depends on the year of compensation, the living area and the grade. The grade defines an amount, while location defines a percentage. Of course, all values are moving each year. That’s why this BAH Calculator is a useful tool to forecast military compensation. To calculate a BAH, just enter following information into the calculator:

  1. Year of allowance
  2. ZIP code (living area)
  3.  Pay Grade
  4. Obtain your monthly allowance with dependents and without dependents

Results are provided by Defense Travel. This usefool tool is working for all USA, including Fort Hood, Colorado Springs, entire Texas but also military working overseas.

Six Kinds of BAH in USA

There are 7 differents kinds of Basic Allowance for Housing according to military situation.

BAH with Dependents

Allowance for permanent resident in one of the 50 states who is not furnished government housing and with members dependency.

BAH without Dependents

Compensation for military who’s living permanently in USA without member dependency.

OAH (Overseas Allowance for Housing)

This BAH is for military working in overseas tour with or without dependents (rates are differents according to personal situation). Compensation is the same than BAH if the member is not furnished government housing in the foreign country.

Partial BAH

Specific compensation if the member is living into government quarters and without dependents

BAH Reserve Component /Transit

Particular compensation scheme based on old housing allowance for particular members: reservists, military in transit. This is a fixed allowance.

BAH Differential

This is for members assigned in single-type quarters authorized for BAH because of the member’s child support payment.

The BAH and all military compensations changed post 9/11. Thus, the GI Bill program was improved to support housing, education and training.