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Our CPM Calculator helps marketing and communication managers to rate their ad impression rates. Today, advertising is one of the most important element in a company’s strategy. To optimize return on investment, you have to take care of your ad networks.

How to use CPM Calculator?

Nothing is easier! You just have to collect 2 informations:

  1. Your Advertising Campaign Cost
  2. Your Ad Impresions

First element is easy to collect because you have to know what your allocated budget for ad is. For the Ad Impressions, many online platform provide you rating estimation. As example, Google Ads (Adwords, Adsense and Admob) estimate impression rate according to your expenses, or to your website traffic.

Then, you will obtain the CPM rate of your advertising campaign.

What’s the CPM (Cost per Mille)?

CPM meaning is “Cost per Mille”. This indicator is used to rate an ad campaign according to its potential performance. To choose a network, all companies evaluate performance in terms of visibility. The target is to have a maximum visibility for minimum price. If you have a low CPM, your campaign is more interesting than if the CPM is high.

However, you have to be careful on your target. If you have a high visibility for people who don’t need your product, it’s not interesting, even if the CPM calculator give you a low result.

As example, for online campaign, you have to consider also the CPC (Cost per Click), to ensure that your targeting is effective.

You can target your customer according to their countries: USA, India, UK, Canada… According to their age, gender etc.

Adsense CPM Calculator

Adsense CPM Calculator

To estimate contents revenue, many website’s owner rate posts performance thanks to the CPM. You can use our CPM Calculator to evaluate your adsense rates. To do this, you have to enter your “Estimated earnings” in the case “Campaign Cost” from our CPM Calculator tool. In the above example, the CPM is $9.14. This result is called RPM because it’s not a cost but a revenue. Now, you know how to calculate your Adsense RPM.