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The Final Grade Calculator helps you to know how many points are need to pass your final exam. You are a college or university student? Use this amazing tool.

Why should I use this amazing Final Grade Calculator?

Simply because you have to know how many points are necessary to pass you exam. Generally, at the end a semester or a year, you need to know your expected final mark. We developed this calculator in order to answer that.

How to use the Final Grade Calculator?

To get your needed grade, you just have to know 3 information:

  1. Your current grade: it’s the average of your previous grades (Classworks, Homework, Test & Quizzes)
  2. The Required Class Grade: It’s the required grade to pass an exam. It depends on schools, country or cities. As example, requirements are different in UK or USA, but also in Guelph or York. If you don’t know it, ask to your teachers or check your school website.
  3. The Final Exam weight: The weight of your last exam is expressed by percentage.

NB: American students also use the GPA. To learn more about it, try now our useful GPA Calculator.

I Don’t Know my Current Grade. What Can I Do?

If you don’t know your grade before the final exam, don’t worry, it’s really easy to get it. Usually, when you want to get your final grade with midterm, you ever have some results. The grade calculation allows you to know your next minimal grades to pass. Find here the grade calculation formula:

Current Grade = (Grade 1 x Weight 1) + (Grade 2 x Weight 2) +…

Case Study for the Final Grade Calculator

Ben is a College Student in Guelph. He knows his Current Grade, it’s 78% (C+). His required class grade is 70% (C-). The final exam weight is 60%. After using our final grade calculator, Ben knows that he have to get 64,7% (D) during the final exam to pass. But we really hope that Ben will get a better result… And you too!