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Calculate the Perimeter of a Square

How to calculate the perimeter of a square in 2 methods? Calculator Market brings you the solution with its formulas to help you to find the result.

The 2 Formulas for Calculating the Perimeter of a Square

Let’s say the following: P = Scope | A = Side | S = Area

To calculate the Perimeter of a Square from the side, use the following formula:

P = 4A

Indeed, the perimeter of the square is equivalent to the total length of its sides placed end to end. Since the property of the square is to have 4 equal sides, it is therefore logical that the perimeter of a square is equal to 4 times its side.
To calculate the Perimeter of a square from its area:

The area of ​​a square is equal to its squared side. If you want to get the square perimeter, then you have to get his side. So:

  • A = √S
  • P = 4A
  • P = 4 (√S)

P = 4 (√S)

How to use our calculator?

For your convenience, we have developed a perimeter calculator for the square. To use it, nothing more simple. Perform the following steps:

  1. Find the value of the side of your square
  2. Enter the measurement from the side in the input field following A =
  3. You get the perimeter next to the result field

If you want to calculate the perimeter from the area, do not hesitate to use the formula quoted above to obtain the length of the side. If you want to go further, you can check out our calculator to get the area of ​​the square.